chaos to clarity

we help elevate the digital quotient of your business,
using our expertise in design, technology and digital

we help our clients counter their problems by strategizing solutions using the priniciples of business design ensuring they are viable, feasible & desirable.
using unconventional prototypes, innovation as a service is a compelling way for our clients to understand and experience the solutions we offer.
we partner with startups to build a minimum compelling product, being involved from concept to deployment, using agile problem solving techniques.
we bring together user experience, interaction & visual design principles to craft solutions that tie 'form to function' with an emphasis on behavioral design.
we engineer custom full stack solutions across web, mobile & interactive platforms by bringing in the very best of technology, pragmatically & efficiently.
Digital Marketing
we use our expertise with customer experience to create creative paid & social campaigns that are optimized for acquisition performance.

Our process

left right mind uses the critical path method for top down project management combined with agile methods for bottom up execution.

BFSI vertical

our work

our diversity stems from serving over ten industry verticals, as well as clients ranging from startups, agencies, and medium to large companies. our agility and accessibility make us ideal “thought” and “execution” partners.

mHealth to the rescue

Bringing medical care and wellness to the most remote areas! mHealth is the practice of using mobile technologies in medical…

at left right mind, we have the opportunity to discover, the liberty to question and the luxury to falter.
we are perceptive, passionate, honest and driven. we are a unique blend of conservative and contemporary.
we function as a unit; each adding individual value and at the same time coercing each one of us to bring our the best. we are a what we create.