Our Work


Leveraging the power of design, technology and digital to redesign business models, enhance customer experience, improve time to market and thereby increase sales.


Designed and developed enterprise systems using the principles of Business Design to improve operational efficiency and increase employee engagement.


Designed and developed HIPPA complaint applications to assist Physicians to enhance planning and scheduling, compute dosage, collect data to aid analytics and provide a platform for them to collaborate with Medical Industry personnel.


Strategised, designed and developed communications platform to enable end users to – navigate effortlessly through a defined area, engage with designated service providers and avail services, report issues and receive on time solutions.


Engineered backend and front-end systems to – function in high throughput and high-reliability semiconductor environment, enable digital cell biology and facilitate high volume real-time transactions in energy trading.


Designed and developed an e-commerce infrastructure backed with ERP, complete with an inventory management system and seamless payment integration. Also designed a Website to provides for a delightful shopping experience and native Apps for personalized service to loyal customers.


Design and execution aside, we are also thought and strategic partners to the start-ups we work with. From Product Enhancements to Launch Strategies, Left Right Mind plays an integral part in the life cycle of a product; a true embodiment of our philosophy, ‘strategy at the price of execution’.