LF on Demand

Lf on Demand acts as a platform to help clients connect with attorneys any where in the world. The client has the opportunity to attain legal guidance from any attorney just 'one call away'. Simultaneously, the attorney can choose his/ her availability.

Uber for Lawyers

The application is an 'UBER' for lawyers. It connects the clients with legal queries, with attorneys all over the world. Clients can easily login through social platforms. The App allows for the client to broadcast a call to all registered attorneys intimating them that he/she requires legal guidance. Any attorney, willing, can respond to the intimation by making a call to the concerned client.


The platform acts as a marketplace of Lawyers. Any client requiring legal assistance can either broadcast a request to all attorneys, or can choose an attorney of choice by browsing through the Attorney list.

Integrated Voice Calling

The client can initiate VOIP calls with an attorney of choice. When on call, the client can see the attorney's profile. He/she can also exchange attachments with the attorney simultaneously.

Call Scheduling

Based on their availability, client and attorney can schedule future appointments. Calendars synched with respective timings appear on both ends, allowing scheduling and rescheduling of appointments.

Payment Integration

Client pays for the services only after the call is complete. Client has an option to make calls until credit limit reaches a specified amount, after which a payment intimation is made to the client.