PIN modernizes & mobilizes the traditional performance appraisal system by empowering the workforce to submit reviews to peers and direct reports on the go using their mobile phones. We built an end to end software as a service enterprise solution including iOS, Android & Web clients. It is built using a scalable, secure and reliable cloud architecture, and is highly configurable to suit the needs of small, medium and large enterprise clients.

The Challenge

To take an activity that most managers are akin to performing once or twice a year and port into an experience that allows them to perform it daily or weekly.

User Experience

The solution is designed to be a simple & intuitive performance appraisal system, with a focus on user experience, that encourages managers and employees to pro-actively provide categorized & objective feedback. The App learns the relationships amongst employees, thereby improving context and ease of use.


The solution provides workflows that allow a user, to find an employee, pick a category, provide feedback and rating. It also provides managers with live performance indicators, while allowing HR personnel to set customized objectives and rating systems. It has baked in a layer of smart analytics, to allow for valuable insights for management, to better retain top talent.


One can easily pick an employee, and award him/her pins based on their performance.


One can easily add a pin for a selected employee.