Yosemite National Park

Left Right Mind developed the official suite of native iOS and Android Apps for mobile and tablets for Yosemite National Park, California. "This app for iPhones and Android makes it easy to sort through the park's 50-plus landmarks and attractions, double-check distance and hours, and create custom itineraries. You'll find updated park event listings, an interactive map and some two dozen day hikes, that range from easy strolls to extremely strenuous hikes. Hello, Half Dome. We especially liked the app's itinerary function which helps you to plan your day, from the Curry Village ice rink to drinks at the Ahwahnee Hotel. And the postcard option lets you snap a selfie and send the "picture postcard", with its Yosemite border, to a friend. "

- Jackie Burrell, Mercury News

Digital Content Management System

The design, information, architecture and user-experience of the App tackles diverse & detailed content about the park, intended for print medium, and organize it for mobile & tablet digital mediums. Almost every piece of information is no more than two taps away on mobile devices. The information is updated 8 times a year by NPS staff via a Content Management System.


Platforms include native iOS Apps, custom designed for iPhone and iPad and native Android Apps for tablets and phones alike. The Apps communicate with a Drupal based Content Management System.